What does it mean to live well in the modern era?


We're an innovation consultancy with a philosophical bent.

We believe that society is not set in stone. We create it together and we create it anew, every day. The ways we live and work have changed rapidly in the past century. Though largely for the better, some things like connection to close friends or connection to nature, have been left behind.

We use human-centred design methodologies to explore how we live, work, connect, and craft meaningful lives in the modern world, and to ensure we continue to innovate in those areas. 


How can we improve our customers's lives?

Our services are geared toward helping you make a difference.

How can we improve our customers' lives?

We believe that the strongest businesses genuinely improve people's lives.

We can work with your team to explore the future in a particular area and what that means for your organisation. We specialise in social capital, connection to people, connection to nature.


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We run a series of gatherings focused on designing for the future of how we structure our lives.